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Hi. I am Al Williams. I am chair of F.U.H.C., (Free United Homeless Coalition), and chair of "POWER OF THE PEOPLE'. I also write for the Community Alliance News Paper. My fiancee, and I, (and our puppy), was eighty-sixed from McDonald's because the excuse used, was our puppy dug a small hole in a place where dogs are tied while the owner is in the lobby. The true reason is, the McDonalds located at 1718 west Olive ave. Fresno, California, 93728 is in a low income income neighborhood, and also the home of a fairly large Homeless Community, who rely on McDonslds for in expensive food, and beverage. The management at named location is selectively banning all the homeless people to fullfill the wants, and wishes of the wealthy who visit this store every morning. They only purchase senior coffee, except for three people. All of them live in other neighborhoods, but they are in most part wealthy. The Management at this store catters to them, anf their wishes with a smile. To include their racial slurs, and comments, such as ***, and Wet, when they refer to poor, or homeless people in " OUR", neighborhood.. Example. I asked for a refill of coffee, and was told by the shofy manager I had to have my receipt with me to get a refill, even when a employee who served me when I ordered my coffee told Mariea, the manager that she just served me when I purched my coffee. Mariea said every one had to have a receipt to get a refill. I started back to my table to get my receipt, when three of the wealthy people directly behind me in line recieved refillcs without receipts. They had no receipts at all. I kind of loudly, (I wanted witnesses to this event), asked Maria why didn't they need a receipt after she herself gave them refills without a receipt. I had s receipt at the table. They had none. A case of hate and discrimination, clearly.

On 19, July, 2014, there will be a protest at the named store above, to advise Custermers that this store discriminates against poor people, and homeless people. We will go forward with this protest if the ban on all the homeless, and poor people isn't lifted by 19, July, 2014. We will also be calling for a press conference on the the day of the protest if the ban is not lifted on all the homeless people by above date. This can be handled with deplomency, or we can, and will do a OCCUPY. My phone number is (559)317-5125. My email address is

We look forward to your timely response.

Backed by the Church.

Have a great day.



Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Coffee.

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