Bloomington, Indiana
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Today I had a decent sized order of 4 McChickens and 4 Cheeseburgers. Of those, 4 were special (plain with only cheese and ketchup).

I was in the drive thru and I had to wait over 10 minutes to get my food. I was in a hurry, but when I got home I checked my food. They only gave me 7 sandwiches!!! And of those, only 3 were correct!!!

I wouldn't return the food in fear of them spitting in my new order. I wasted money and time!!!

A complaint was filed. If I do not receive my money back or a new fresh correct order I will take other measures!

Monetary Loss: $11.

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Waiting 10 minutes in line is not usually the persons fault that takes order. Alot of times there is only one person to take orders for both lanes.

Mistakes happen. But if you saw a line why didnt you go in?

It would of been much faster and you would of been in and out much quicker. Our lobby is empty and the drive thru is packed because people are too lazy

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