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Dear media relations, and Macdonalds corporate offices:

I have taken a picture on my cellphone of the vicious assault and demeaning conduct of your phillipino manager at the macdonalds headquarters in edmonton alberta on kingsway avenue just next to the Royal Alexander hospital, edmonton.

alberta. december 30 2012 at 7:05 pm

She repeatedly hit a man who may have been of no fixed address, however, that was not proven nor an issue.

2ndly she was taking the law into her own


3rdly the man was resting on the table much like he was asleep.

He could have had a heart attack, stroke or otherwise.

I was there the whole time, and he did not confront her.

She was the aggressor,

She was vile, uncivilized and uncouth and did this in front of other customers causing them extreme pain, and discomfort,

she endangered herself and others, as the man may come back and take action against people.

we never know ,

and or the man could have arisen and killed her for assaulting him,


It would have been self defense, and I would have had to testify and not lie.

finally another man stood up for the invigorated, and unanticipated wanton discriminatory and viscous conduct as perpetrated against this man and defended him, by stating that they could call an ambulance or whatever, and not be taking matters into their own hands,

he was yelled at by the phillipino's

and by Robin, Rama and edith. one of those name tags was the phillipino manageress I believe it was Edith, for December 30 2012, at 7:05 pm when this criminal act of your employee occurred.

This person was verbally threatened


a call to a male phillipino by the above manager, and the male phillipino in a macdonalds attire, followed the male that tried to defend the victim -=---------outside, and as he walked I came out on the other side of a big transport truck delivering goods to the macdonalds, and I heard him yell at the male person that had been defending the victim, that he now banned him from the building, and that he would personally "smack him in the face" if he came back there in the future.

This is not Russia,

This was horrible vile conduct and had it occured in china or the phillipines, we might have said, well there is a communist style government and people have no rights.

but this is canada,

this is wrong.

this is illegal,

what are you going to do about it?

There are many killings by homeless people and the aggravation which this employee caused will surely aggravate

the homeless ( if he was one, and I simply do not know) .

I did call the police because this manager was acting out of order, and illegally and

was going to lie about the victim, it was obvious from what she said.

This is cruel,

no wonder we have knifing, and killing of innocent people by the homeless,

with this insensitive hostility and rage by these phillipino's acting under the color of the corporate seal of the Macdonald corporation.!

By the way there was another witness, who was mortified about the conduct of the employees,

and gave me his phone number.

sent to:

External Communications - Media Relations

Office: (630) 623-3678

Facsimile: (630) 623-8843

Heidi Barker

Vice President

Lisa McComb


Becca Hary


Jon Rump


Stephen Mazeika


Theresa Riley

Administrative Coordinator

U.S. Media Relations

Office: (630) 623-6900

Danya Proud

Director, U.S. Communications

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