Hickory, North Carolina

McDonalds in Richlands North Carolina needs better management. (7414 Richlands Hwy, Richlands, NC 28574).

Machines are constantly broken. I hardly can get some of the drinks that I like. Managers are always scream at one another. Managers are not friendly and do not welcome coupons that are advertised.

Food is not fresh. The menu change all the time.

I have placed an order thru drive thru and I never get all my combos. Since we had to wait a long time I expected for my order to be right and it was not.

I forgot to mention, oh my goodness, all the files at that location is terrible.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I see what you are saying I visited Richlands location often. Some of the managers are rude to their customers.

Also, rude to their employees.

I watch and listen how the managers treat people and it is terrible. McDonald's image will continue to deteriorate if things do not change.

@Give respect

Agreed. I remember asking a manager for a fork/knife for my food she just stared at me.

Did not blink I had to repeat myself five times and she was like umm okay.

Something seems to be wrong with her. I have also had bad experiences with other managers shrugging their shoulders at me when I ask to correct my order or even flat out ignoring me.


I agree with everything you said above. I stopped going to the Richlands NC location for awhile.

Then when I started going back then I reolize once again why I stopped going their.

At least if my orders take along time shouldn't they be right. Well it not.