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Subject: re/ poor service ?

March 30, 2011

Attention: Sherry ZecchiniRestaurant Manager

Thank you for emailing me concerning my issue, but "poor service" is a very broad term, and does not accurately describe that I recieved "cold food" in my order, an order which cost me more than $5.00, never mind the personal inconvenience.

$5.00 does not appear to be much money, but if you were to multiply that amount by say, 500,000 disatisfied customers per day worldwide, with no refund.......no that is BIG money made off the backs of little people.

When will McDonald's learn that they cannot continue to ask their customers to pay for food, which is not properly cooked or presented hot?

Or, expect the customer to return to more of the same, when a text book apology is offered back to the customer.

The food was disgusting and I did not eat it, for reasons I have already noted.

So, where is my money..........?

I am sorry, but I am not willing to get sick from a food borne illnes that is caused by a McDonalds' food handler who does not know about or understand HACCP.

As the employer, it is McDonalds' responsibility to eenusre that their staff are trained in and fully understand Safe Food Handling.

Additionally, this is not the first time that this "COLD FOOD issue" has happened to me in the Hamilton area, and it seems to be more than common place amongst the McDonald's Restaurant group.

Why would I return when my money was wasted, and by continuing to be a customer at your company's stores, I am just ignoring the obvious!

Consumers are not as ***, or as ill informed, as McDonald's would try to treat us. We work hard for our money, the economy is poor, and we expect to get our moneys' worth wherever we shop for goods or services.

And, I appreciate that you have addressed my concern with your staff, did you emphasized how "cold food" might affect their futures, if someone becomes sick with a food borne illness because of poor food cooking or food holding practices and that customer decides to sue McDonalds?


Carl Williams

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