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Yesterday, my dad went to pick up McDonalds for my family of 5. We ordered and paid for two 10 piece nugget meals, a hamburger, a big mac meal, a quarter pounder meal, and a salad.

so, we should have had 4 drinks and 4 fries. My dad got home, we opened the bags - two 10 piece boxes with only 6 or 7 nuggets in each, a cheeseburger instead of the hamburger, which was a big deal since it was my mom's and she has a dairy allergy, some other burger that was one of their new 'specialty' burgers. no quarter pounder, no big mac, no salad. we had 2 small fries when we should have had 4 medium, and our drinks were wrong as well.

We don't do anything about wrong orders, if it's like there's a fry missing, but my dad was PISSED. I drove with him back, since he had broken toes on 2 of his feet and didn't want to walk inside. I asked for a manager, who I had to wait for 30 freaking minutes to speak to, and his 'greeting' to me was 'what do you want?' I showed him the receipt, which had our correct order on it, and the bags of food we received. He didn't offer us new food, didn't give us our money back, yelled at me for being 'picky', and told me to 'shut up.' The only person who treated us well was the cashier, who spoke up when I was literally being pushed out.

She told the manager to stop and go back to whatever he was doing, and she told me she couldn't get new food made for us, but she gave me a bunch of slips for free fries, free iced coffees, and the like.

So, besides the fries i got with the slips, We went back home and had cold, gross McDonalds. Oh, and did I mention that the burger we got had hair in it?

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for some reason I find this a little fabricated, as only managers have access to those slips as well.




I can't see something like that happening.