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In a recent radio ad McDonald's states that they are not dangerous and that "petting a stray pitbull - now that's dangerous." Well, DUH! Petting any stray dog is dangerous, especially a larger breed because they COULD do damage if they chose to. But, the point is that MCDs exclusively singled out "pitbulls" which further aids to the ignorance of breed discrimination. If they had stated "petting a stray dog - now that's dangerous" then it would be ok. But instead they chose to promote a negative image of pitbulls alone which is offensive to alot of lovers of pitbulls and pitbull owners. Now by calling the customer satisfaction line at "Ž18002446227 they issue an apology and state that they are pulling the ad. But the apology is only heard by people who actually care about the breeds misrepresentation. I would be satisfied if they issued a PUBLIC apology, AND if they used a pitbull in a favorable fashion in future advertisements so that they could attempt to make amends for portraying pitbulls in such an unfavorable light.

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I never heard of a stray poodle attacking a stranger.

Besides, we have a record debt mounting trillions of dollars, but this is your main priority?


They are such a big company... Looks like they don't care at all!

What would they do if someone or something they loved was mocked and after fighting so hard for that love? I don't think they "get it" Well... we aren't giving up or in... Because that's what love is about!

I Am A Proud Pitt Owner/Rescuer! She is like my child...Don't mess with my child McDonald's! This needs to be fixed ASAP...The longer you take...the worse it will become! Damage has been done all around!

It just was wrong of them to do. I was once afraid of Pitts too, until I came upon one needing rescuing. She has been the best dog I've ever owned.

Pit owners work hard to show them in the light that they really are and not from what people just see in the news. So, this was really a bad move and should be fixed.

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