Elizabethtown, Kentucky
Not resolved

Worse place I have ever worked. They where not understanding about my health issues.

They expected me to do more then anyone else,that caused me to get sick even worse. Managers yelled and belittled there workers. They even asked me why I was even worked there if I had these health issues. That I was no different then anyone else.Except I had doctors notes telling them my issues and that they need to comply.

Did they? Nope! They just made things worse on me.Thanx McDonalds for understanding and having a heart.

Not lovin it! Not Lovin it at all!

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Mmmmmmmm,mmmmmm. Those wild McN-iggers dun lub dem helf prob'ems!

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I had health issues, too. My doctors filled out FMLA papers for intermittent leave.

When I was ill, I did not go to work...and there was not a thing my employers could do by law.

When my job became too much for my health (my doctor told me to choose my job or my life), I quit and filed for disability. It sucks being sick, but sorry to say, the rest of the world does not stop for us when we do become ill.


Well, Spot, I mean Alex, why are you working if you have health issues. If this complaint is true and you are not just some lazy employee using your health to get off doing work, than take it to court, the top "DOG" lawyers should be able to help you out.