Cincinnati, Ohio
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this is continual. I used to come thru drive thru every morning for 2 orders of scrambled eggs and a lg hot tea.

it doesn't matter if there are 2 cars ahead of me or 7 cars ahead of me....every single dang time I get to the window, they ask me to pull forward for my eggs! Then I wait and wait and wait. So I quit going for about 6 weeks and this morning I wanted some scrambled eggs so here I go...I was the 3rd car back and the car at the food window was there for 7 minutes that I started keeping track longer than that...and of course when I get to the damn asked to pull forward. I asked for my money back and I will NOT go there again.

Spfld Ohio Hillcrest location..HORRIBLE!!!!! ***

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I have a suggestion: instead of sitting in your vehicle waiting for someone to deliver your scrambled eggs and tea, you could actually part the car, get out, go in and order them and then leave. Or, an even better option would be to buy a dozen eggs for less than a dollar in a grocery store and whip up a batch of scrambled eggs at home on that appliance you may have noticed in your kitchen called a range.

Much cheaper and all you have to do is get up 10 minutes earlier each morning.

Wow! what a concept---cooking your own breakfast.