Oak Ridge, Florida

At 3am the register seems to never be working and always only wants cash as payment. I was short changed and had to ask the cashier for the rest of my change.

Another time i was told an item was not on special it clearly was on specia, they tried to over charge me so they can pocket the change. I think they are running a scam at this mcdonalds and advice everyone to double check there change. It makes no sense for this huge company to cant have there register working on a daily basis. They always only want cash as payment at night.

I advise every to stay away from the mcdonalds on oak ridge rd and OBT in Orlando. The late night shift is scam folks in the drive thru.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Cashier.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Just today (1-14-17, 9:10AM) at the McDonalds in Homosassa, FL., I gave the cashier $20.53 for my breakfast sandwich which was $1.53(a 20, and the change). As I walked away, I noticed I had only 2, 5 dollar bills and 4 ones.

As I approached the counter the person exclaimed must've "I shorted you a 5" (dollar bill). As I drew closer she then said, "I thought one of those was a 'ten'". The manager was standing there and I said "I don't appreciate the gal over there pulling a $5 tip out of my change".

She then said, "she wouldn't do that" and turned away. My guess is that it is a team effort in that store.Funny she knew what I was short before I told her, and then gave two excuses.


I've had this happen a number of times recently at both McDonald's and Wendy's. Both times is was 10 cents but recently they tried to short me a dollar.