Scranton, Pennsylvania
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As a treat, I stopped at McDonalds and ordered myself and my two children each a Smores pie. When the girl at the first window gave me my change, she just dropped it out the window without looking at me!

And it I couldn't catch it! It landed on the ground! I'm disabled, and I could not get out of my car to get it, and it was two quarters and a dime. And I'm Jewish!

That's a fortune!

The pies were hot, and my *** son burned his tongue! I'm calling a lawyer! Oh my God! Waaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Bad parents are to blame for that girl's carelessness, and bad training by McDonalds.

And how dare they give my son a hot pie to burn his tongue. I wish I had a husband who worked at the home office, so I could get free pies for the rest of my life for my pain and suffering.

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At least all they did was drop your change. One time I complained about my burger being cold and they dropped a deuce on it.

Btw, I have to agree with Mr. White. Its is run my ignorant, uneducated miniorities. Im not trying to be a racist, but you cant deny that its true.

I have been to only one Mcdonalds not run by minorities and I must say, the service and the cleanliness of the store is a night and day difference. I would say the best fast food is Chic-fil-a. best service around. I believe it has the best service because its not run by minorites.

I never saw a minority working at Chic-fil-a. And yes, the poster talking about "Cat 5 Chimpouts", I have witnessed violent outbursts at Mcdonalds many times, but not like what that poster who posts fake stuff said he "witnessed."


That's McDonald's for ya. The place is run by poorly supervised sixteen year olds.

One good thing about Mcdonald's food is that you can forget it in the trunk of your car for several weeks and it will still be edible.

The stuff will also hold its own in the microwave for a very long time. Microwave it after you take it out of the trunk, just to be on the safe side.


Oooh, I never thought of that, Jedi.

Mr. White, shut up, *** Go crawl back under your rock.

Melissa, are you too dense to understand sarcasm?


Get a life and forget about the change...You could have gotten one of your kids out of the car to get the change. It is people like you that make insurance so expensive.

Nothing but frivious lawsuits. I guess all you wanted was a hot pie....crapola!


Don't blame the poor woman she was possessed by the devil, as for your son getting burned by the hot pie, you can always have her charged with child abuse.


Mmmmm, mmmmmm, those wild *** sho' lub dem smo' pyes!


I thought this was serious at first until I saw who posted this lol but you did a good impression if some of the people on this site.


Maybe you could sue them for slander for hurting your feelings.