Great Bend, Kansas
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I live in a smaller town, so i understand there are not a lot of options for employees, but they could at least try to train them to do their job right. It is easier for me to count the number of times that they DIDN'T screw up my meal, and that would be almost never.

It doesn't matter what i order, i will not get it and i will be screwed out of money. they even messed up my drink orders. DRINKS. it's asking too much to pour liquid into a cup and give it to me?

around here it is. if you come to russell kansas and want to save yourself a headache, go to the sonic down the street, they will at least get your order right .

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If you are so perfectly intelligent, then you must have a career that earns you enough that you don't have to eat disgusting fast food. Or you could even *gasp* learn how to COOK?


nikalsyn: While it is wise to check your order before leaving any take-out restaurant, is it also common practice to enjoy holding up the line as well? :zzz


We seem to have bred a whole generation of children who not only have no common sense, but are as dumb as my shoe. When, on the odd occasion I go to a fast food place, I get my food, I always take the time to just stand there in line and verify the order is correct.

The same goes with the drive-up window.

Just sit there in your car and open the bag and verify you got what you paid for before driving off. This not only saves you time and anger when they mess it up, but also holds up the entire line.