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On 9/28/2017 my granddaughter Madison who is 14 went in to McDonalds with her dad to eat, her dads girl friend Starr T. Biles who works there got into an altercation and Madison threw a chicken sandwich at her, I understand and so does Madison she should not have done.

As an adult Starr should had walked away to defuse the situation, but instead she slugs her, chipped a tooth, and started scratching her face. Lord there is a good 150lb difference in size. Madison said Starr was talking bad about her brother and sister and it up set her, this was done right in the middle by the registers, there were other customers that saw this, that I'm sure did not look good. Starr has a quick temper and a bad attitude, what if a different customer makes her mad.

The other emp. made Madison leave didn't even see if she was ok. I fell Starr should had went in the back to cool off after all she is the adult. If I had been there I would of had Starr arrested, you don't slug and claw a kids face.

Madison's father of course did nothing since Starr wears the pants in there family. Our family and friends will not go back to that McDonalds with her attitude, temper, and beating up a miner.

This happened at 10411 Dixie Louisville KY. Fell free to contact fell free to contact me,

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Customer Care.

Reason of review: Emploee beating up a minor.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

McDonalds Pros: I liked big mac.

McDonalds Cons: Way they build the burgers, Managers being rude and disrespectful.

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I'd throw a chicken sandwich at you for posting such a *** story


Got to b fake or they'd b fired by now


This is fake. Grow up


Sounds fake