Huntersville, North Carolina
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Employees fighting in parking lot..Order was wrong..Called after got home and manager answered the phone rudely wouldnt give name clearly and said it wasnt her employees which i tried to tell the manager it clearly was. Funny thing when someone finnaly came to the second window they were rude .McDonald's 1511 hwy 29 concord nc 28025 11/6/18 @8:43 pm.Note this is not first time have made a complaint due to orders being wrong and rude service and nothing has been done or i have not been contacted..Please email me to let me know how this is being handled thing to get a order wrong and being rude but to be fighting in the parking lot..Then manager doesnt care and makes like im making this up..Thanks Lori Leatherman

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Sounds like that would make a good episode of "The Jerry Springer Show".


employees fighting in the parking lot was worth the price of admission. I hope you captured it on video for posterity. Don't publish your personal information on an open internet website like this.

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