Whitehall, Pennsylvania
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We live pretty close to the McDonalds on MacArthur Road and are there at least once a week. The employees are very rude and often mess up your order.

Fries and mcnuggets are always stale and when you ask for the appropriate dressing that you ordered you get attitude and a window slammed in your face. The last several times I was there the food was cold and missing half of the condiments which I would just end up putting on at home. The quality of food has definatley changed. Each time I go back I'm hoping things have improved but am always let down.

Sandwiches are put together extremely sloppy and like I said often missing multiple toppings.

Will def stop wasting my money on this food. You definatley need to talk to your employees about being courteous because they are EXTREMELY rude!!

Monetary Loss: $7.

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"The quality of food has definatley changed"

You would be surprised how poor the quality is at the better locations... Save yourself from serious issues and stop eating fast food.

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