27951 Walker South Rd, Walker, LA 70785, USA
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McDonald’s in Livingston Parish in Walker, La by the interstate. I pull up at like 4:35 like always.

Nobody answer the intercom. So I pulled around and and it was a white truck waiting for they food. They received it so I pulled toward to place a order. A white lady in her 40’s or 50’s had her headset around her neck.

She looked at me and walked pass the window and went towards the back. So I waited for 5 mins thinking she was gonna come to the window because she looked right at me. Then it had another younger black girl looked at me out the corner of her eyes and try not to look anymore. So by me seeing that I started video taping this incident because this third time this happen on my way to work.

So while I’m taping her I knocked on the window assuming she didn’t hear my horn. She completely ignored that I was knocking. So I backed up to back window and saw no one. I pulled back up and there were both of them just talking.

So I keep recording then pulled off. 12 minutes of my time and no breakfast. Something has to be done because I email before and same thing is still happening.

So how many others this happening to and nothing is getting done? I will follow up if I don’t receive a email or call in a couple of days.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Maybe, but not likely.


Maybe the store was in the process of being robbed and the robbers may have ordered the employees not to answer the window. It could be as simple an explanation as that!


They should fire those incompetent workers and hire some of the immigrants that have come into this country in search of a better life. They would have been very grateful to have a job and be in America and would have given you great service and prepared good food.


I've gone to McDonalds as well as other fast food joints before and tried to order through the drive thru on foot or by bicycle. At the time the places were closed inside but were taking orders at the drive thru.

They all refused to take my order even though there were no cars in the drive thru, because if someone had showed up and ran over me then they would have been liable. I think that should have at least opened the door and let me come in and place my order, or quickly asked me what I wanted and then told me to go wait in front of the door of the restaurant and that they would come and give me my order and take my money then, but for me to hurry up and get out of the drive through before I got run over. I've been laughed at, ignored, and angrily told that they didn't wait on pedestrians in the drive through.

I was discriminated against for being too poor to own a vehicle. I ended up leaving empty handed with tears welling up in my eyes, about to cry.

to They Accept The King Of Boogers Coupons #1691155

It sounds like they are closed. And it sounds like you're lying and fabricating to get an free meal or start something with the employees and the managers so they are going to give you one.

Or you're not following the rules and the policies to the restaurant about the drive thru. You're acting like an entitled customer that need to understand 'closed means closed" or need to know the rules about going drive thru with an bike. I am going to guess that you're showing up when they were closing. It's not the employees or managers fault you're not able to tell the difference between 'open' and 'closed.' Or understand rules or policies with the restaurant.

Maybe you need to understand that before writing an ridiculous statement! And by the way, playing the race and entitlement card is not going to get you anywhere!


Dude this is so sad. How sad does your life have to be that you take a video of people ignoring you at McDonalds?

Do you think these people care? If they get fired I'm sure they would actually be happy lmao. Please, get a life. Just leave.

There are so many other places you can go.

Why did you waste so much of your time to do this? The United States is really sad.

to hfgs #1588496

And you took your time to read it and respond. Your life must be sad.

You’re just a pathetic individual to find a post to bash. Lo-life

to Anonymous #1591658

It takes more time recording than it does reading.

to Anonymous #1653672

And you took time too be rude and arrogant too others for them calling out other entitled customers. Clearly you've got some serious issues!

to Anonymous #1657225

And its sad you're not able too tell the difference between bashing and defending someone. These employees and managers do not have too deal with customers that make an scene.

to hfgs #1591657

He is a very sad and childish person. What is worse about his is he is referring to a grown woman as a girl when he is the one acting like a child. That WOMAN is clearly over 18.

to NinePheasant #1651985

Agreed. It's so sad and bad too see sweet and nice employees and managers too have these entitled customers act so mean and nasty too them.

to Anonymous Burgers 2019 #1657224

Agreed. It's so sad and bad when employees and managers are treated like *** and *** Clearly whoever that put you down, does not work into retail and does not understand or sees how employees or managers are treated by customers who are mean and nasty.

to Anonymous Burgers 2019 #1663291

Agreed with you. While i worked into retail there was always those customers that would try something with the employees or the managers. It's so bad and sad too see the way employees and managers are treated.

to hfgs #1650220

This is literally the website to complain on, if you don’t like complaints maybe gtfo? Just saying, he has a right to complain and prove his complaints.

Perhaps YOU should get a life? After all you are trolling a “pissed consumer” site.

Did you think it was gonna be something different? Smh.

to Anonymous #1673959

This is "literally" a PUBLIC website to complain on. With that said, don't expect the public to fall behind you and your banal and lame complaint.

Be man or woman enough to know and understand that there are people out there who think it's foolish for someone to allow something as silly as this to take over a piece of their life as the OP has. Hope it made you feel better.....

to Anonymous #1703327

So much hate and arrogance. Clearly like you're saying this an website.

Anybody is allowed to respond to anybody. Why are you not able to understand and telling someone not to comment onto that? That's rude and arrogant.

I'm pretty sure that includes people telling off and confronting entitled customers that deserve it. BTW, people are always able to tell when customers lie and fabricate!

to Anonymous #1706439

Agreed with you. It's so bad and sad to see that happening!


No wonder this location has a 1 star total overall rating on Yelp.

to Anonymous #1664016

Not all McDonald's are the same. I've been to Mickey D's all across this land while traveling on Greyhound and hitch-hiking and I can tell you that a few of them could have been rated 5 stars, some of them 0 stars and some of them were so bad that they should have been Disenfranchised from using the McDonald's name.

Most of them were somewhere in the middle. i have been to Mickey D's enough to know that not only should you always check to see what is in your takeout bag, but you should also unwrap each item to make sure you are getting what it says and to make sure that they didn't put a huge amount on condiments on your sandwiches thus making them get all soggy and gross tasting.

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