Saginaw, Michigan
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The Mcdonalds on Beaver & m-13 is located about 2 miles from my home. I had gone there simply for food, not to upset anybody.

Granted someone whom i dont get along with works there, but i didnt care to go out of my way to get food. I was at the food window and saw the girl (Megan Bigelow) turn towards me, say "Oh My God" in a very pissy way and turn to talk to her employees, the employee who gave me my food just happened to be my neighbor and was very polite. (Chelsee Bryant) I then proceeded to drive off and not make a scene like i had wanted to.

As stated above, i didnt go there to upset anybody but because of who I am i got bad service. Im not pleased with how she acted towards me, the employees are to respect everybody...i definately didnt get that from her.

Monetary Loss: $6.

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Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States #666330

Employees at McD's regularly are held hours after they are supposed to have gotten off. My last day there I was scheduled 11-4 taking orders backbooth, I was there standing in one place until 9pm and I quit.

Point I am trying to make is the employee was probably pissed off about being there still just taking anger out nothing personal, no reason to list their god *** names on the internet. Have some respect.

Martinsburg, West Virginia, United States #572587

on november 22nd we went to mcdonalds in spring mills in martinsburg wv the girl at the register was so rude and nasty to all of her customers she got a really bad attitude when we were ordering our food she slammed cups on the counter and said that she did not want to be there and that she was already supposed to be off she proceeded to have the same nasty attitude with her other customers and also did not let us know when our food was i love mcdonalds but will never go there because of the poor service we got from kristine at the spring mills mcdonalds i do not know how a person like that is allowed to work in the public

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