Wagga Wagga, New South Wales
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For third time in a row i have got an English Brekkie wrap which looks like a small wrap with a dead mouse somewhere down near the bottom. The filling is basically not there with the wrap going around several times to form a sort of skinny tube that looks like a used toilet roll. Where is the basic quality control with these guys? It's rubbish, not even close to acceptable.

These guys charge AU$8.95 for this???

Actually... there is a way around this major problem, place the "wrap" in the bin, then grab a used toilet roll and chew carefully while staring at the nice picture on the pack that the wrap came in. A lot of effort is required to really visualize your breakfast but it's better than looking at the real thing. Excuse the sarcasm but im hungry...

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Why do you keep ordering them you ***? I'm sure the fourth or one thousandth time they will get it right. Keep going dimb ***.

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