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Took my son to McDonalds #38555 in Hillsboro, Oregon to get a “quick” bite to eat after his shift. We placed our order at 11:12 pm and it took almost 14 mi tired to pull up to the 2nd window to pay and “pick up” his order.

When we got to the window, the lady hands me the drink. I then let her know that it was a large instead of a medium. She looks at me as if she was very annoyed. So, I am handing her the drink, she walks away, comes back with a large sprite and hands it to me with a bag.

Mind you, I am still holding the the medium drink in my hand waiting for her to take it. She sees that I can’t grab the new drink and the bag while holding the first drink. I finally telkbher to take the drink. She took while saying “oh, you don’t want it then”.

She never asked if we wanted to keep the drink as well as getting the one we paid for. After handing her the drink, I also handed her the bag and told her that the fries were not only the wrong size but they were SUPER cold. She takes the bag in frustration and begins to tell whomever is in the background that I am complaining that my order is incorrect. They have me pull up to the 3rd window where by now we were waiting about 20-25 minutes.

Another lady ( dressed like a manager) and to the window and was handing me a and only a small McFlurry, which I did t order. She left, to get my order ( so she said). Another few minutes past. I am becoming very annoyed and frustrated.

I begin to honk, they send a man to the window with my sons order where they forgot , yet AGAIN, a ten piece McNugget. I get out of my car, walk to the 2nd window and request that they fix my order, yet AGAIN. Are you still with me here? I began to lose count on how many mistake they have already made.

The man takes the bag, I wait in front of the car waiting for their order in the drive thru at the 2nd window. Someone ( the man again because the ladies sent him to do their dirty work) yells from the 3rd window that they had my order. The lady who took my order comes out with him. I let her know that she was very rude and does not have good costumer service.

She turned to look at me and with a smart *** tone says that she wa very kind ( look at the camera to see the smirk on her face). I proceeded to tell her that her tone was very rude. I got in my car and bybthis time it was already 11:40 when I pulled out of the drive thru. Not that they will care, but I will never be going to that location again.

It does t matter if it’s vloser to me or not. I was very disappointed because it’s recently built and replaced an older one that was shut down. Each time I have stopped by to take my son it’s very sloppy, messy , rude costumer service. I have it a try a few times but we are done with that place.

Something funny to add. I don’t know what the woman did because when I place my sons order, it was correct on the screen. But on his receipt it said a 10 McNugget meal large with a medium sprite at the bottom. When she read the receipt to see if I was incoirect.

She said it was a medium drink and no fries, just nuggets.

So apparently, I don’t know how to read the receipt when it. Lastly says ( even though it says 10 not 20 piece meal)

“ 1 10 piece McNuggets ML- lrg”.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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