Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
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I tried calling the phone was busy. I ordered 3 sausage, egg and cheese mc griddle and only got the pancake no meat, cheese and egg. My mom is super pissed i recommend not going to this mc Donalds it's not the first time this has happened on previous visits.

McDonalds Cons: Only getting bread on breakfast sandwiches no meat or anything.

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Well, it could have been worse. At least the uncouth employee didn't take a McBite out of your sandwich like they usually do.

The poor employee slaving away on minimum wage was probably very hungry from being so poor and having to pay all their paycheck for rent and utilities. They just couldn't help themselves when they saw the delicious sausage for your sandwiches and they gobbled them up like Hungry Jack. You should always be sure to tip those poor people working in the back, they work very hard for very little pay.

I'd say a dollar tip per visit would be sufficient. Or two dollars if you ordered a lot of items and are feeling especially generous.