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f***K them dry as nuggets and yo management niqqa raw axx burger yall be servin i aint neva comin to that broke down fuxxxkin establishment eva again point blank f peroid feedin us uncooked goat axx and spoiled axx milkshakes where the *** you get your grills from best buy discounts value plus if i can go to motherfuxxkin ihop and get a good table then i dont kno wat the *** the government is doin to the fuxxxkin society you kno wat i mean and your sweet axx lemonade there more sugar than water where they do that at

Review about: Mcdonalds Burger.

Monetary Loss: $20.

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Yeah *** I is Neva going in dat place agin yo. We broke *** black folk should just git jobz dere instead of bein lazy collectin da food stamp.


Learn some proper grammar. We don't speak ghettobonics or stup1d. Hooked on fonikz werked fer mee.


i was mad as *** when i order a duble cheese meal and i got a burger with hair on it and i had to throw it away and i called the store and told and they said if you bring it back i will change it i said i dont want it now and hung up! thats the last time i ate there

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