Nashville, Tennessee

Why do you all say things are on sale and then when you go there they are not as advertised why can,t your place of business play fair.I went there and on tv it said the fish sandwich was on sale for two for 3.49 I get there and they are regular price the tow sandwiches were going tobe regular price and a fry 7.28 I told the young man I didnt want the food I could go buy a box of fish for that price if you going to advertise someething make it the correct price all over.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Sandwich.

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See the comment posted by Carrie. key words: participating location

to simplify for some people, some places are NOT participating locations, so the advertised prices do not apply.

Thanks for playing! :)


It is not at all locations so before you get upset make sure you are at a praticipating location. Eight year olds these days expect the rules to be bent for them.


:cry Vote with your dollars




have you heard of, "Participating locations??"

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