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I take my daughter once a week to McDonalds. McDonald's had the Happy Meal advertised for $1.

I ordered my food. The cashier processed order more than $1. She said she knew about the error. I stated I wanted the Happy Meal for price advertised.

The assistant manager arrived to the window explaining it was an error. I stated it wasn't my error. He refused to sale me the Happy Meal for $1. I asked for his name.

I drove to the McDonalds near my neighborhood instead.

The manager on duty name was Rubin James. Customer shouldn't pay for errors.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

McDonalds Cons: I did not like the customer service.

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No one, even the managers, can help it if the system isn't working properly. If you can't afford an extra two or three dollars, you should be going to a food bank instead of McDonalds.


The system that we use at my store (we use the older system) allows managers to transactions like this. It is as simple as hitting another item on the menu that is the price offered (in this case something that is $1) and by informing the kitchen what the meal actually is (in this case a happy meal).

They also just need to make a note about the transaction and you're golden. I don't know why that store wouldn't do it but from what I know, it is a fairly standard procedure.


He couldn't ring it up that way even if he wanted to. The POS computers don't let you manually enter prices for anything.

All the discounts and promotions are done automatically, or with their own buttons, so if the meal wasn't ringing up correctly, it's not that price. Also, yes, as others have mentioned, the price listed on the board is for the entree item that goes with the other items in the Happy Meal, not for the entire Happy Meal itself.

Please try to be a little more courteous and understanding in the future; it can only benefit you.


Obviously Those are the prices for the 4 piece nugget, cheeseburger, and hamburger themselves. Not the happy meal.


Why not get a job so you can pay for your Happy meal for the child. Or better yet, why did you spread your legs if you cannot afford to pay to feed your child. It is obvious that that poster was photo shopped.


you can still get a happy meal for a dollar??? there has to be a mistake there.


There isn't clearly that ad was photo shopped. But I think this person is trolling, on another website she claimed her child was crying because she refused to get a Happy meal for her and she slapped her and told her to get out of the car and walk home.


ok so you take your daughter there once a week, that's fine it's YOUR kid and YOUR choice to do that.

you leave quite a bit out of your complaint however. you say the cashier processed order more than $1.

do you mean she rang in the wrong meal? otherwise its NOT the cashier's fault that the price came up wrong if she did put in the $1 meal instead. that's unfortunately a computer error.

now that being said I don't see how/why the manager wouldn't have given it to you for that price if you weren't one of the many that like to cause a scene if/when a pricing error happens.

I can say this because I worked at a mcdonald's before and was a manager at a taco bell and so I faced this situation a number of times. unfortunately pricing changes don't always go according to plan and mistakes happen.

it is up to the management to correct the mistake by giving you what you ordered for what it was advertised for IF and only IF you ordered what was advertised for the $1.

if the cashier put in the wrong meal and that's why it was "processed" wrong then that's their mistake that they should still fix.

I still find it hard to believe that a "manager" would come to the window, tell you it was an error then refuse to correct it simply because you said it wasn't your error.

there has to be a lot more to this story then you're telling us. so how about you do us all a favor, the next time you feel like complaining about this or any company make sure you present more facts/information as to what happened/how.


And you were surprised because??????