Natick, Massachusetts

I was on the Mass Turnpike in Natick, MA or near that area a couple of weeks ago. I've noticed the bill board signs promoting the $1.00 special for a medium dark Newman's coffee.

When I asked for the special, the attendant told me that none of the turnpike McDonalds offer that deal. He had no explanation. I sent McDonalds an e-mail telling them of my experience and received back the response that in their advertising, they disclose that "at participating McDonalds." Because many of the McDonalds are franchised, they don't all go in on the deals. I let it go as I did recall that in past campaigns they did disclose this.

I went by another one of these bill board promotions for the Newman's coffee a short time later and saw no disclosure about at participating McDonalds. I sent another e-mail to the company letting them know what I discovered and took pictures of the bill board I found that promoted the coffee special but since sending them two more complaints, they have not responded. I will next complain to the BBB.

I know this is a small little thing but I can't let big corporations get away with false advertising even if it wasn't their intent. What has gotten me upset is that they have not responded to my messages.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Deal.

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Merritt Island, Florida, United States #653937

They do not respond to your emails becuase you are obviuously a fool and a nit picker. People tend to laugh and ignore fools and hopefully that is what magagement is doing to you.

!!!!!!!! :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #653904

A lot of businesses, only honor specials in specific areas. They usually don't honor the specials in areas where they are real busy. As far as being able to read every word on a billboard that is along a turnpike, you would have to be just crawling along.

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