Blackfoot, Idaho
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I had a bad day today. First my cat died.

It was squashed by a Mack truck and I had to peel it off the road. Then because I had to tend to my cat I was late for my job and got fired. Someone had flattened my tire and I had to walk five miles to get a spare. I went home and found out someone had broken into my house and stole my collection of Russ Meyer movies.

This was the worst day ever. I thought I know, I can go to Mcdonalds and get a happy meal. That would make me happy. ***, not only did that meal not make me happy, I was also more upset because the meal did not fill me up.

This is false advertising.

If you claim this is a happy meal it should make you happy. This was not the case as I felt worse after having your HAPPY MEAL.

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First Born Triplet
Markham, Ontario, Canada #806651

The Oxford English Dictionary suggests that the word derives from attire, while other sources suggest a connection with the verb to tie. The spelling tyre is used in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand after being revived in the 19th century.

Both tyre and tire were used in the 15th and 16th centuries. The United States did not adopt the revival of tyre, and tire is the only spelling currently used there and in Canada.

Overland Park, Kansas, United States #806295


Its tire not tyre

First Born Triplet
to Brian Markham, Ontario, Canada #806646

Actually in England they spell it `tyre` instead of tire.

First Born Triplet
to Brian Markham, Ontario, Canada #806647

Actually in England they spell it `tyre. Google it

London, England, United Kingdom #745852

Well you should always have a spare tyre.

Chantilly, Virginia, United States #745365

If you insist on making joke complaints please make them funny and not quite so lame. The Russ Meyers reference will be lost on most and isn't funny.

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