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I was thirsty after a hard days of work. I went to Mcdonalds to order sprite. I asked for a small cup. After I was finished I asked for a refill. The employee told me that those were only for medium and large cups. I told her that this was ridiculous as no where does it say this. They were so stubborn that after arguing they refused to refill my cup. They said a refill was five cents for small cups. I am a registered nurse I make 90k a year I can afford five cents but it is a matter of principle. When I worked at Mcdonalds they gave free refills.

Then a few days later I went back. I obeyed their *** rule, paid extra for a medium and asked for a refill. I shared this with my ten year old daughter. We wanted one more refill. They said that we are only allowed one refill. I argued that this was false advertizing. They did not give me a refill. They are so stingy.

I had to go to Kmart across the street to get my drinks. They could have gotton me arrested because I was banned from the Kmart because they falsely accused me of shoplifting. Luckily no one saw me that knew about my false accusation. I was out quick. I bought some coke, cups and ice for my daughter.

I think to make up for this bad experience I should be given free meal coupons and have the unnecessary cost of the coke, ice and cups reimbersed. You are lucky I was not charged with tresspassing because than you would owe me more. I a a resistered nurse and do not need to be treated like a second class citizen.

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I imagine the reason they treat you like dirt is because you are a miserable person to interact with, and it's obvious from your complaint. There is nothing worse than a broke Az z, cheap, thieving, shoplifter with a HUGE ego to go with their undeserved impression of their own value and importance.


"I a a resistered nurse and don't need to be treated like a second class citizen"

I beg to differ, if you behave like a low class loser you absolutely deserve to be treated like one. Of course this is all fake anyway but I'm just pleased to hear you're not claiming to be an english teacher.


you sound like a A class human being lol


You are a nurse and you don't know that you should not take your kid to McDonalds? They were doing the right thing by not pouring more cr@p down your kids throat. They should have called child protective services on you for bringing a kid within 500ft of McDonalds.


Hi Phony RN - Thank you for eating at McDonald's. We just notified Kmart that you came.

Forunately, they stated that they would not press charges. And why are you so *** y about $0.05?


As per this post from this Kevin person:

>>>KevinRichards to REAL CANADIAN Dec 19, 2014 #918108

She is just posting random locations, in other reviews she is from Philadelphia, and other random places. You can put any location here as I will prove.<<<

Now I can see how he steals others ID's.

OP, please report him. I have and I will report this post , also, as to how he is stealing others ID's.


Stop lying, you are the one that got into a fight with your husband and said that he beats you and sexually abused your children. Then when you made up you admitted to lying.

Then you claimed I made those post. I don't steal ID's. If I were guilty I would have been banned.

I reported you for sexual harassment and things. You got banned because I have not seen you post in weeks.


You use anonymizer sites to make it look like you are posting from other locations. You are absolutely a pathetic person.


You two need to get a room!


This person is 100% a troll...We don't have K-Mart in Canada, so how the *** is she from Ajax Ontario and she "went to K-Mart across the street"? Fail..


She is just posting random locations, in other reviews she is from Philadelphia, and other random places. You can put any location here as I will prove.


Just like people can post anonymous and put in someone else's name, where occasionally on this site people will make up lies to start drama. So remember name in black person might not be real, so don't read or write back; name in blue it's a real person you are commenting back to. That's my poem.

@Who am I

The name where she admitted to the false allegations was written in blue.


Hahaha this woman is pathetic I seen ur post about Kmart and how they wrongfully had u charged seriously?r u that retarded while u were shopping u took that pack of coke off the *** shelf and put it on the bottom of ur cart could u not bend ur knees and hand it to the cashier that was ringing ur *** in lmao ur just a lowlife trying to get free *** I'm glad u got caught and if u really are a RN (which I highly doubt)I hope u lost ur job I could only imagine how u would treat ppl at the hospital or homecare or whereever u may work ur probably a welfare *** looking for free *** whereever u can get it


Awww you had to pay for a refill. Just buy a large next time so you dont need a refill.

Buy your kid a milk or something. You keep giving her a pop and she will be as fat as you....


Jeez this is like the 5th post about a "nurse that makes 90k annually" and her "child" honestly some people just want attention


what a nurse and mom,she almost let her kid die of thirst before she would crack open the wallet,and since when did K-Mart start selling ice .must have cost at least twenty bucks.Small sodas only a buck and all you have to do is ask nice.


You people making all those nasty remarks, you sound like real Christians. What is wrong with you.

Haven't you heard of gangstalking. Don't you know there are millions of people who are being abused and mistreated every day. And don't you know some of them are doing things to get even and get back at these places. I have heard of people pouring their used dirty motor oil down public toilets and drains and in the storm drains and also other things like diapers and baby wipes and coffee grounds and cigarette butts and everything they can think of all because these *** employees like to abuse someone and refuse to give them a refill on their drink.

I saw on tv that a huge giant soft drink is only a one or two cent item because it is only a little bit of syrup and the rest is charged water so the actual cost is only a penny or two so what is the big deal when they charge a fortune for a soft drink, sometimes way over a dollar, like a dollar seventy-nine or two dollars or more for a one cent item and then don't want to refill it. You would have to drink 200 glasses of it to make a difference.

I know people who work in food places and they are always told to push the drinks because that is how they make all their money. Now because of them, and these people getting even by putting all the stuff in the toilets and sinks, we are all going to suffer just because some *** wants to harass someone and not give them a refill.


Well, you've batted the beehive, pizzed. Consider yourself a Targeted Individual from here on out. We are watching you.


I love hearing this woman complain about how she has been 'mistreated'. Made my 4:20 that much funner.

I love the fact that when this *** goes into resturaunts she's terrorized before, they spit nut and do all sorts of nasty things to her food. Now Thats worth 90k a year.

I hope next time you go to mcdonalds with your ugly as sin child, they *** into your milkshake and have CPS take your kid (again) & put you in a padded cell. LOL