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I was thirsty after a hard days of work. I went to Mcdonalds to order sprite. I asked for a small cup. After I was finished I asked for a refill. The employee told me that those were only for medium and large cups. I told her that this was ridiculous as no where does it say this. They were so stubborn that after arguing they refused to refill my cup. They said a refill was five cents for small cups. I am a registered nurse I make 90k a year I can afford five cents but it is a matter of principle. When I worked at Mcdonalds they gave free refills.

Then a few days later I went back. I obeyed their *** rule, paid extra for a medium and asked for a refill. I shared this with my ten year old daughter. We wanted one more refill. They said that we are only allowed one refill. I argued that this was false advertizing. They did not give me a refill. They are so stingy.

I had to go to Kmart across the street to get my drinks. They could have gotton me arrested because I was banned from the Kmart because they falsely accused me of shoplifting. Luckily no one saw me that knew about my false accusation. I was out quick. I bought some coke, cups and ice for my daughter.

I think to make up for this bad experience I should be given free meal coupons and have the unnecessary cost of the coke, ice and cups reimbersed. You are lucky I was not charged with tresspassing because than you would owe me more. I a a resistered nurse and do not need to be treated like a second class citizen.

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Hey is this the same 90k nurse whining about walmart charging her for extra burger meat? LMAO I can't get enough of this stuff!

Hilarious! Hey lady, NOTHING is FREE, even the laughs I get at your expense.

They may be at YOUR cost, but they are free to me and I wouldn't argue even if I had to pay for those laughs. Totally worth it.


"Hey lady, NOTHING is FREE, even the laughs I get at your expense."



That's not their mistake... If you walk out without paying for something and you know you're supposed to pay then that's your mistake.

In some of your complaints you were suggesting that you should get better treatment because you make more money... No different than what you THOUGHT Bree meant. Have you ever thought that they don't give out free refills for a reason? Try working in a place like Walmart, Kmart, or McDonalds.

You'll then understand why companies do what they do.

You're obviously so sad about life that you have to complain about everything from New York to California. If you don't like how a business is ran then do something about it or go the *** away.


wow lol. I'm sorry but you sound like an ***, it is MCdonalds right to charge you for a refill if that is there policy they have the right to say no refills at all it is there business. Seems like you think everyone is out to get you.LOL GROW UP


"I had to go to Kmart across the street to get my drinks. They could have gotton me arrested because I was banned from the Kmart because they falsely accused me of shoplifting"

Gee...can't imagine why you've been banned from K-mart after your antics at Walmart and McD's!!!


"I am a registered nurse I make 90k a year" Blah, blah, blah...Same old *** Just look up her user name in the search. You'll see she loves Walmart as well as McD's!! Look out McD's...she's after free whoppers and kid's meals!


So BreeLee, are you suggesting that just because I make money that I should get poor treatment. Grow up.


Why would someone making 90k a year complain about five cents, unbelievable!!!


Dudeson, she did buy coke as well and wants Mcdonalds to fork the bill because she thinks the world revolves around her and her children. She thinks she should have gotton unlimited refills.

Also if you look at another letter she did steal from Kmart.

However this person is either making fake letters or is very childish. She may be a registered nurse but she acts like a child when she does not get her way.


Newsflash!!! You are a second class citizen.

You were very lucky you was not charged with trespassing. Why didnt you just buy your daughter a bottle of coke at Kmart?

Who buys cups and Ice nowadays? Something is very fishy about this story......


My daughter is only ten years old. It would not mattter.

Once again I am being stalked by sexually frustrated teenagers. Why don't you get jobs.


Are you black?


The first thing that makes me wonder about this complaint is the fact that you "shared" a drink. This alone should disqualify you for a refill. All you eat and free refills assume that one person is eating/drinking.


It wouldnt have been their fault if you were arrested for trespassing. Guess whose fault it would have been? YOURS!

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