Mont Belvieu, Texas

Have not heard from McDonalds in Liberty, hwy 90 on false charges from one of their employees sending police to my home on a false report on 4-2-10, GOOD FRIDAY, POLICE ARRIVE AT MY HOUSE AND I HAD TO SIGN A CRIMINAL TREPASS SLIP AND TOLD BY POLICE TO NOT GO BACK TO Mc Donalds, need to hear from someone. I feel i have been DAMAGED by this action taken by this employee.

The embrassement is very harmfuf to me and my family.

Please contact me McDonalds. Telina Fountain is employee,Liberty texas, hwy 90,Help please, sir

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The embrassement harmfuf to you and your family? It sounds like way too many girls gone wild episodes buddy!!!

Dont try to pick up at the drive thru, you slow down the line, go to Wendy's and do that. If the police come by again tell them you eat jumbo jacks now, the chicks are hotter at jack n the box.

Also, if you insist on making the drive thru your hunting ground, keep both hands on the steering wheel. Trust me on that one....


One more thing that *** too wants keeps trying to befriend teen girls even when they say no. Spoke to the principal about my concerns and he is aware of it but since (obviously this guy is smart enough to not cross the line) it is out of school, in the mall beside the school he cannot do anything much.

The good news is security is watching him since most of the harassment is in the mall, however it has gotton to him following people home, making them miss the bus so he can talk dirty to them more. My friend who is being harassed is not a teen but this sicko thinks she is and still wants to befriend her.

if a teen resists his sexual comments he tells them to respect his elders, funny how once they call him a *** freak he stops. brian if you are for real you are a *** freak.


You could be right Cathy, Brian could be someone who just wanted to attract attention and be funny. His reply however is not funny.


Brian sounds like this *** in our neighbourhood, (in his forties). Always comes out of his house when school lets out, follows high school girls home, makes comments on their bodies, stares at their chests, wants to be their "friend".

He too makes comments about breast size and asks for personnal sex related information.

Made a sick comment on what he think of an eleven year old girl. he was harassing a friend of mine, followed her around, she came and got me(cause he always hangs out near the high school to harass teenaged girls) told him to leave her alone or i would break his legs and make him eat through a straw.



That is sexual harassment by its very definition. She said no, you still pursued her, not just to ask her out, but to ascertain her bra size. I hope they put you on probation.


I have a strong feeling that Brian is not the person who wrote this letter.


Hey Brian, if you were good looking had an expensive car and house I would go with you. That lady is a tool for turning you down.


I mean I was just asking Telina Fountain if she wanted to go out on a date with me, and she said no. I asked her again, she said no.

I asked a few days later, she said no. When I told her her *** were big and what size bra she has she asked me to leave. She got her manager who threatened to call the police.

She lied, said I was sexually harassing her when I was just asking for a date. Sexual harassment or trying to make a new friend you decide.

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