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In the colder months about once a week I take my children to the indoor playground at McDonalds. On Wednesday, March 10th my children and I went to the McDonalds Rivermede location at 1600 Highway 7 in Concord and it was at about 5:20pm. This location is about 20km away from our home and we make the long trip there occasionally due to the large size playground.

Each experience that we've had thus far has been very poor. Every time has been slow and under-staffed however, today was just truly horrible. Upon arriving, there were about 7 others in line and one cashier. After spending some time in line, the manager on duty who was working the drive thru window finally noticed and called another cashier from the back to help. At first all the young fellow did was get a few orders together and did not go to a register, but soon he finally opened a second one.

Once we were able to place our order, the whole process was painfully slow. As we waited for them to get it together, my kids went to get ketchup and napkins only to find that they were all empty! We told the cashier and were given only ketchup. It was when we got to our table that we realized that he didn't give us napkins. So, back to the counter we went to ask for napkins.

Each cashier that we dealt with was robotic, having no empathy or an ounce of courtesy or customer service. Both very young and seeming inexperienced, their manager was certainly oblivious to what was going on.

The kids and I were seated in the play area, we ate and then they went off to play. Of course, they both had to go to the washroom at some point and I accompanied them through the restaurant to the washroom. As I took a good look around, it was clear that they were either really under-staffed or just didn't care. Many times the counter was only manned by one person with many waiting in line. The state of this restaurant was filthy; most of the table surfaces were either dirty or littered with garbage, newspapers or trays left behind and the floors were soiled. Even tables in the play area were not wiped or cleared off.

During one of my visits back to the counter to order something else, the state of the front area where the cashiers work and assemble orders was also filthy. On the floor was spilled coffee, items dropped on the floor like a cup and a squashed coffee creamer, french fries, etc.

Having time on my hands since my children were busy, I noticed through the glass from the playground as plain clothed people walked in and out of the cash and kitchen area, including staff members arriving for work. A few plain-clothed individuals walked in and helped themselves to drinks, French fries and burgers all the while they had just come in from the street and had not washed their hands to be in this area where food is served!

Finally, I noticed an older gentleman in plain clothes go behind the counter. My assumption was that he was the owner, as he had mail in his hand and seemed to be very friendly to all staff.

If it was indeed the owner, he made no notice and took no care in the state of his filthy restaurant. I watched in disgust as he left and got into his high end vehicle and drove off. He noticed me, as I watched him leave and drive away.

I am not sure if each McDonalds location is individually owned and operated, but you would think that each would uphold a certain level of expectation from McDonalds Canada, as well as the general public. Most of the McDonalds that I have been to have someone who is assigned to maintaining the cleanliness of the restaurant; to replenish consumables, mop floors, clear and wipe tables, washrooms, etc. It is my perception that this location does not have anyone dedicated to these tasks, nor do they schedule enough front line staff to handle the demand.

It is not likely our last visit there, since the kids like this playground. However, if you have a suggestion of a restaurant located closer to home that has a comparable size play area we would be open to suggestions.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Customer Care.

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If you think the kitchen is bad....Imagine how bad and germ infested that playland is that has never been cleaned lol


there are two types of mcdonalds


owned by privet owners

(2)proper mcdonalds

owned by mcdonalds

i would sugest u contact mcdonalds(they would want to know if the hygien was that bad)

at the 1 i work if the staff did the things u said we would get saked and if the place was not clean and the top boss came in we would get a right bolakin and be made to clean it proply.You the customer should always come first.

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