Livingston, New Jersey

My family has visited this "place" on Saturday, it was UFLITHY. When I asked manager she said that she was short handled. When cashier came out to clean a table the manager yelled at her. A customer witnessed it & he told the manager that she was only doing what the customer ask. I asked for a CLEAN table to eat at.

We are back Friday at same McD at it is AGAIN FILTHY:(

I again approached the manager asking why is this restaurant ALWAYS so FILTHY, not 1 clean table and the floor is Filthy right with the coke machine & area.

The first time we came in here the garbage can was overflowing with filthy.

I would HATE to see where they prepare the food if they are showing us such FILTH, what ate they not showing us where we can't see...ROACHS

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Cashier.

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On May 20' 2012 I was in a McDonalds in Gary, in and I have to tell you it was the dirtiest and unprofessional McDonalds I have ever been in. I have not been in a McDonalds since and don't think I will ever go into a McDonalds again. My email address


you were mad about the table not being clean. but if the employee was cleaning the table while you were waiting to order your food, I'm sure you'd be pissed too.

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