Indianapolis, Indiana
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Everytime I go into store 14340, it is dirty the seats tables floors even the pictures on the walls.flies all over the windows flying in your face. The employees are loud, laughing very unprofessional.

Instead of everyone being behind the counter a few of them need to clean. Tables left dirty,seats sticky. It's rediculous. The store is in zionsville Indiana.

Way too many people on duty at the same time. Hispanic employees should learn English and their attitude could be improved. I spoke to another customer they said they had complained to the manager andso had I. To no avail.

Not much has changed. Why aren't the stores checked more often by corporate

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Manager.

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A lot of McDonald's are privatly owned now. But, if I were you and it's as nasty as you say call the Health Dept on them.

Also, 90% of the employees are kids that were taught no respect. Or, how to treat people with curdiousity.