Hayfork, California
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I arrived at you location in Federalsburg, Md. and placed an order at the drive-thru.

I pulled up to get the order and the girl handed me my kids Happy Meals and drinks. She then told me it would be a few more minutes for the rest of my order. She brought it to the window and as she went to hand it to me the bag broke and the order fell all over the ground. She told me to give her my receipt and pull up to Reserve 1 where someone would be with me shortly.

After waiting another 11 minutes another worker brought me my order and said she put an apple pie in the bag for the inconvenience. I checked my order and found I was short a sandwich. I decided to walk the order back in to let them see I was short a sandwich and the girl insisted I got my Big Mac and Double Quarter Pounder. I told her there was also suppose to be a Quarter Pounder with cheese and could I please get the sandwich so I could feed my kids before 8pm.

They handed me the sandwich and told me they apologize but I told them my kids food was already cold now and I did not feel this was sufficient. I understand accidents happen but while waiting for my order they waited on 9 more cars before they ever came back out with my order. I agree the weather was nasty but as much as they did not want to bring me my food outside I did not want to have to get out of my car and walk back in to complete the order. They would not give me my receipt back which is fine I paid by Credit Card.

If I wanted to get out of the car in the nasty weather I would have done that from the start. The kids never ate the fish McBites because they are nasty after getting cold.

This is my worst McDonald's experience ever.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Sandwich.

Monetary Loss: $20.

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They do nasty things to the food there as a joke and are probably causing a hepatitis spread place is really bad


have had this experience almost every time i go in there. somebody still calls me even though it was 6-7 months ago.

usually everything is in there but the food is cold. or one it cold. i just think some people are ***!

and that's really mean to say. but it's likely true!!


I do not see where there is a need to cuss and I had no problems waiting the 10 minutes but the order was still not right was my point.


But you will still go back wont you? You are just one big nasty c-word!!!!!!!


The number of cars that they waited on before bringing your meal out didn't have anything to do with it. These cars were already at the drive up intercom, and some of them had placed their orders while you were at the window.

Depending on what they ordered, the sandwiches and fries were probably already prepared and under the heat lamps. Your kids could have eaten their meals while you were waiting, there would be no reason for them to be cold by the time you got the rest of the food.

If your kids were small enough to order Happy Meals for them, they wouldn't have cared if they ate before you did. Your complaint is bogus.


For your information my children were waiting for their dinner at home they were not with me and that is not the point and 5 minutes had passed before anyone else ordered.


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