Miami, Florida
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I CLEARLY ordered a number 6, & these *** decide to give me a number 7. i didnt complain because the only difference was that there was bacon on it, so i took it out.

i come home take a nap and wake up to a weird feeling in my stomach and i go to the bathroom and nothing., a few moments later im throwing up like crazy, i've never thrown up this bad, all i see is lettuce and chicken, I honestly think I have been food poisned.

*** you mcdonalds!!!!!!! i beleive you guys need new cooks or check the *** food your providing us!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Sandwich.

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it can actually take anything from a few minutes to 16 hours for bad food to affect you. depending on the type of virus or Bactria ingested, person infected, how empty your stomach is, what is eaten, and many other reasons, some bactria have an instant effect, on average its 2-6 hours.

learn before you type.... but you are right about its hard to prove where it came from.


It takes at LEAST 7 hours for spoiled food to "poison" you. 12 hours is common. And unless you went to the Dr and paid for very expensive don't know if you got sick from the food, or from the doorknob you touched earlier, or any other place you can pick something up.