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Hi. I'm an Egyptian engineer and would like to post what happened with me.

Yesterday my wife and I headed to McDonalds Montazah, where we got two big tasty combos and an apple pie.

In less than 3 hours my wife started to get stomach aches and as soon as we arrived home diarriah also. I caught up at about 2 in the moring (9 hrs after my meal) with severe diarriah and stomach aches.

I'm still suffering from the terriable pain till now. Though it is the first time I ever get food poisioning from McDonalds, I 'm sure I SHALL NEVER GO BACK THERE.

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Same thing happened to me at Burger King.

unfortunatly, expecialy at fast food resturants, the younger workers have a very low work ethic. If there mad at the company, they think it's funny to take it out on the customers.

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