Indianapolis, Indiana
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I ate a fish fillet snadwich at mcdonald's in Indianapolis and I have been sick all weekend. The sandwiches were 2 for 3$.

That is probably the reason why they were on sale. BEWARE!!!! I have been feeling horrible all weekend. i thought I had the flu but then I realized I didn't have any coughing or sneezing, just pain all over, a fever and my stomach wouldn't let me sleep for to long.

Kept regergitating and other things..

Don't eat the fish fillets that are on sale. They will have you missing work and school...

Monetary Loss: $3.

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Wife and i both had fish sandwiches from Mc Donalds in Chambersburg, Pa. yesterday and we both were sick in our stomach and had the runs all night and it continues even now at 2:00pm the following day.


I have been sick all weekend I ate two fish fillet sandwiches here in San Antonio Texas worst stomach cramps ever fever night sweats terrible


I just ate a fish sandwich from McDonalds and about 30 minutes later I was hit with gut wrenching cramps. Then came the sweats, nausea and vomiting.

It's coming out of both ends now. About to drink activated charcoal


I ate a fish fillet sandwich around 4:30pm and have been paying for it ever since. I have bad stomach cramps, vomiting, and diarrhea. Never again!


My first time trying the fish and I have been sick for four days now! :(


I hurt all over and i didnt make the connection. I eat all day...

But this ironically is a disgusting, dizzy, gut wrenching, grossness. Everything hurts and i have a fever.


Had McDonald's fish filet sandwich from restaurant in Montgomery AL - now have extreme stomach cramps


At the emergency room now stomach cramps after eating fish


We bought the fillets from parsippany nj on 3-15-11 and we are all still sick with the worse stomach and body aches. Be aware consumers !


Yes I agree my whole family got sick after eating the fish fillet deal from mcdonalds. Same flu like symptoms.

Now I know to never to buy during those deals! Or maybe even ever.


I agree with the above poster. The sandwiches are on sale, because of Lent.


The filets are on sale because it's Lent. There is a fish promotion every year at this time.