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My name is Bernice Cohens, on August 11, 2016, my ex husband went to McDonald to get my son and myself a late lunch/dinner at 5:00 from McDonald on 610 N.E. 125th Street, North Miami Florida store number14164.

My ex-husband order me a South West Salad and southwest dressing and he ordered my son a Big Mac with fries and a drink. When he brought the food back from McDonald my son and I get our order and we go to our rooms to eat. I sat to my computer table eating my salad and in no less than an half hour, I began to feel uneasy in my stomach. I began to stretch and yawn and I felt a chill all over my body and then I decided to go lay down on the bed to relax.

As I was lying down on the bed the pain began to get worst to the point that I couldn't move. I felt something as if I was going to vomit but I couldn't move and then I popped up all of a sudden because the food was coming up out of my system whether I wanted it too or not. I tried to make it to the rest room from my bed and I felt to the floor and dragged myself to the restroom and I put my head over the commode to vomit. My head was over he commode for about 15 minutes vomiting.

After I had vomited, I tried to make it back to the bed and I collapsed on the floor midway the restroom that is in my bedroom and the bed. I lay there for some time before I awake and I tried to make it to the bed. I finally get on the bed and I lay there. As the night began to progress on I began to realized that I was having a problem moving the right my body and I just layed there in pain.

Early August 12, 2016, I awake realizing that I could barely move, so I slowly creeped to the restroom to allow water to drip on my body under the shower and then I dried off as much as possible and I drag whatever clothing was near me and put it on. Then I slowly moved out of the house toward the car and I phoned my ex-husband from inside the house and he came outside and I told him that I need to go to the hospital because I could barely move the right side of my body. He was panicking because I have never been sick and had to go to the hospital or anywhere. So he went by a clinic and they told him to take me to the hospital at North Shore Medical Hospital in North Miami.

He takes me to the Emergency Area and by this time I couldn't move at all....the man that works inside the hospital had to bring a wheel chair out and help me out of the car. While in the hospital, I couldn't move the right side body at all. The nurses had to assist me in everything, I was totally helpless for some time. I had to learn to walk again because at the time I was not even able to stand; I was helpless.

I called McDonald Manager on August 20, 2016, 305-899-2882 while I was in the hospital bed at North Shore Medical Hospital to let them know that I was in the hospital because I ate a Western Salad from their restaurant. I was in the North Shore Medical Hospital from August 12- 23 because of this salad. I thought that maybe McDonald's would get in contact with the hospital; however , they did nothing. As I began to get the bills in October from my stay in the hospital, I contacted them again and this time with one of the bills from the hospital.

They called me last week but I was at work so they left me an incident report contact number which is 2069433. My insurance which is Cigna took care of their part and I thought McDonald would do it's part and now it's into collection and I can't afford to pay for that long lengthy stay. The doctor told me that if I had tried to take care of my medical condition at home that I would have dies. When I left the hospital, I left with a walker and a prescription for oxycodone/acetaminophen 5-3mg tab no refills to take for the severe pains that I was encountering.

To keep from encountering another hospital bill while at home; I took extra strength Tylenol, that which they gave me in the hospital when they could not give me any more morphine for my pain that was a steady occurrenceI need your help to get McDonald to pay this bill, please.

I am not responsible for being admitted to the hospital for 8 day; it was a Western Salad from McDonald that placed me in that hospital and they are not taking responbility for the irresponsibilty....this is a very stressfull situation; please help me. Bernice Cohens

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Salad.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $500000.

Preferred solution: I want McDonald topay that hospital bill 8 day stay at North Shore Medical Hospital because the duration of the time to now has affected my credit rating. McDonald is not accepting responsbility for it's tained food..

McDonalds Pros: I was food poison by a south west salad.

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Maybe you're husband was trying to kill you. Not McDonalds.


lmfao what a joke.


If you have medical documentation that your illness was directly related to the salad, then you should contact an attorney.

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