Mcdonalds has this game for the world cup. Where you can win instant prizes.

I won a six pack of chicken mcnjgets. I went to redeem them and they asked when I won the prize. I told them today. They told me that I had to come back another day to redeem the price.

I had to go to another register and tell them that I won the prize last week. This I had to do in front of my nine year old daughter.

I was forced to lie in front of her because of their *** retarded *** policy. Idiots

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Orange, California, United States #982287

You taught your daughter wrong. No one forced you to lie to her.

You taught her that is is okay to lie to get what you want. Grow up, your daughter may be nine but you are acting like a three year old.


No one forced you to lie to your daughter. You did that all by yourself.


No one forced you to lie to your daughter you did that on your own. You did that because you are too immature to play by the rules.

You taught your daughter that is okay to lie to cheat and get your way.

I myself don't agree with the rules, usually it does not matter when you can redeem your prize, but grow up, no one forced you to lie to your daughter, you made that decision on your own.

First Born Triplet
to Anonymous #828637

Wow, sounds like a horrible company, not only did they force you to lie to your daughter, they also forced you to type this review containing profanity in front of her, and they forced her to see you call them childish names. Down with Mcdonalds.

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