Saint Joseph, Michigan

I basically switched from Mcdonals to Burger King becasue MD seemed to forget things or get things wrong fairly often. Burger king has been doing it also (just in drive through and mostly with breakfast) but not as mad as Mcdonlds was thought.

But still, are we not to expect much from these type places? does anyone have a specific number or email in order to contact corporate offices? I'd rather not go to any fast food places but they are easy and cheap for the family sometimes...maybe this says it all.

they are cheap so don't expect good service let alone food.

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I am going to beg off of McD as well. Their sausage McMuffins do not taste as good as the ones in CA.

I am in UT now. Is it the climate or the altitude?

They taste bland. Oh well got to move on.


Why do people with online access ask if anyone has a phone number for any corporate offices? YOU ARE ONLINE, USE A SEARCH ENGINE!!


Why are you complaining about McDonalds?? What do you expect?