Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I am so disgusted at McDonalds. Having a happy meal toy that plays freak the freak out.

I brought the happy meal for the toy, my two year old only eat the fries. I thought the ages that happy meals are for were children 3-10, I would go as high as 11. i guess their target audience are teens now a days.No matter the age Mcdonalds has no right to give away toys that use songs with that type of language.

I don't allow my child to listen to music that use provocative language. I'm surprised more parents have not complained.

Monetary Loss: $5.

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First Born Triplet

There was another complaint about this, my sister had that freak the freak out toy.


Take that toy, and shove it up your doookie hole. How can you be upset about a toy from McDonalds when your son plays with your wifes toys all the time.


I find it ironic you are upset about the words in a song a toy plays, yet you are feeding them McDonalds food, which has been proven to give people a plethora of health problems. I'm confused about your priorities?


This is a teeny bopper song my 5 year old niece sings. It is no surprise Mickey D's musical toys offer the "in now" songs that kids listen to.

When my kids were little it was the Britney Spears and Nsync little radios with the ear bud. I think you worry too much and your kids are not as sheltered as much you hope.


How do you prevent your kids from listening to certain types of music when you aren't with them. As far as that goes, if you are watching TV and a provocative song comes on, do you hurry up and change channels, the same goes for listening to the radio.

I would be willing to bet most people don't listen to all of the words of every song they hear. You can't shelter your kids forever. I have never wasted my money on happy meals or any other type of kids meal.

The toys that come in them are just junk and furthermore the more tiny little toys you have in your house, the more work the parents have. More than likely you knew your kid wouldn't eat anything other than the fries, why not just order a small fry for him?