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This store is located at 909 E MAIN ST Alhambra CA. It only has 60% order accuracy at best!

And now a new low. I order a big mac with no pickles and reg bun. They give me regular big mac! Not the first time USUALLY the grill slip is right but big mac is WRONG.

It still has pickles and seeded bun. This time I go back and manager says sorry we gave you wrong big mac. WOW like I didn't know that!?!?! Doesn't want to talk about, he knows I am mad.

It is now 8:05 p.m. and he says let me make you a fresh one. The one he gives me has the grill slip time stamped at 19:40. He gave me the original big mac I ordered earlier in the evening, but they did microwave it so the lettuce was nice, hot, and wilted.

YUM!!! oh, and he gave me free fries! I don't order fries, don't like them! Guess free fries is the cure all for laziness.

It is insulting!!! My time is worth more than free fries!?!?! Why do people use the drive through... So they can go home and come back, walk in and get the food they ordered 25 mins.

earlier??? Fresh food? DON'T THINK SO!!! I have the grill slip to prove it!

This isn't the first time as I have stated above. Just angers me the manager wouldn't address it with me and I hope if the owners hear they may take some corrective action, talking to multiple managers hasn't helped to fix the issue. Guess I need to un bag my order and open each item to make sure it is correct before leaving the drive through and let the people wait behind me!!!! I can't imagine I am the only person this is happening to at this McDonalds.

We won't get into the language issues with the people taking the orders. It would help if they could speak and understand simple English! After all we are in America and when you can't get your order taken because the person can't understand you is sad... Why would you have people taking customers orders who can't understand English and they have to ask another co-worker what you are saying.

I do not have any speech impediments... Poor business tactics! I also sent complaint to McDonalds and haven't heard back... Not surprised!!!

Typical they want to know if you have had a bad experience but then do nothing about it. The web site is full of comedy like "we will get back to you about your issues" and We want to make your experience great" HAHAHAHA all b.s.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $15.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Mcdonalds Cons: Food, Service, Manager.

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Seattle, Washington, United States #915221

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Madison, Wisconsin, United States #915058

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