McDonalds Needs To Stop Automatically Putting Ketchup On Their Burgers Because Now I'm Going To Starve...THE ALOT MCDONALDS!!!!!!McDonalds Should Stop For Another Reason!!! What If Somebody Is Fatally Alergic To Tomatoes!!!

They Could Be Killed And You Know Who Would Be Responsible?! MCDONALDS!!! If McDonalds Puts Ketchup On My Burger One More Time Im Filling In A Complaint Order And Never Eating At This Sucky Place Ever Again!!

I Hope McDonalds Sees This And Stops Putting Ketchup On Their Burgers!!! I Nearly Threw Up When I Looked At That Kethcup On That Burger I Was Like Ewwww WTF How Weong Of McDonalds To Do This!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Burger.

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Just tell them to hold the ketchup...


Ketchup is part of the burger along with mustard, cheese, onions, and pickle. specify if you don't want ketchup *** im tired of dealing wit customers like you.


I can understand tomatoes is an allergy, but you don't need to go crazy for that. You would have to tell them not to put ketchup on.


Why is the world getting dumber?


please stop yelling


Yes I forgot that eating at fast food joints is very healthy when they don't put ketchup on your food. All that fat and cholesterol, not to mention grease, is very nutritious for you. Clogging up your arteries will help you live a long heart healthy life.


You're going to "starve" because McDonald's puts ketchup on sandwiches that come with ketchup? A few quick tips: 1) If you don't know what's on a sandwich, *ask*.

2) If you don't want ketchup on yours, *tell them*.

3) If they still put ketchup on it, take it back to the store and ask for a new one (while remaining kind and respectful). 4) If none of these options are good enough for you, you're not going to "starve", as you can always eat somewhere else or, god forbid, buy some groceries from the store.


For heaven's sake quit crying like a baby. The dinky amount of ketchup, they put on the burgers won't kill you.

It isn't really any of your business if somebody is highly allergic to tomatoes and would die. That would be strictly McDonald's concern,none of your business at all. If you don't like the ketchup scrape if off, there would be so little you wouldn't even notice it. I'm sure they won't miss your business at all.

If you want a burger you way there is one fast food place that advertises "have it your way." What exactly do you mean when you say "weong"?

It's time to grow up.


I agree. These people r so ***!


dont worry...its not real ketchup or tomatoes as you say....just more chemicals to go along with all the other chemicals you are ingesting.....But I am willing to bet your body could not tolerate real food