Port Charlotte, Florida
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WHY is it almost EVERY time I order fries,.They are cold????????? No paticular location either,...Its everywhere!!!!!!!

Want HOT fries!!! Is it hard to do?? Im not asking alot,.Guess Ill have to check them before I drive away! Maybe I have to ask for no salt so they can make a new fresh batch?

Dont like fries that have been laying around either.(which is usually the second thing that happens with the fries. My complaint is not that bad,...

just trying to fill up the at least 100 words part,...sorry !! Am I up to 100 words yet,..???!!!

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Actually you have about 10 minutes to eat the fries before they get cold. That's how fast they get cold. Just eat them there.


So cold. Very lost hotness. Much nice would be warm


Is it possible that your fries got cold during transit from mcdonalds to what i'm guessing is either your home or work?


Ask for unsalted fries. They have to make them fresh. Then ask for a salt packert and add the salt to your taste.