Nashville, Tennessee

I got a salad that I had no idea it had fritos on it. I told them and the manager came over and yelled that I ordered a southwest salad.

I told her there was no description of fritos on it. I wanted to change it but she kept on and on in frontof everyone and I just told her to keep it, I would go somewhere else and eat. They kept my $6.10 they charged me for it. On receipt it said extra dressing .79.

There was only one dressing with it.

I will go to wendys from now on.

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The salad COMES with those, and they arent fritos, they're tortilla chips. You know how much *** us employees have to go through everyday?

So don't say they 'yelled' at you. They were just in a bad mood, as usual.


You *** *** those aren't fritos those are the chips that come on the southwest salad.


Well next time you order something new ask what's on it. You'll probably have the same issue at wendys if you order something else.


Most fast food places have their salads made up and in a display case where the customer can see them.