Leamington, Ontario
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I was getting take out with my parents who don't like to use the drive through so we went in and placed an order to go. I asked for it all.

I asked for a angus mushroom & swiss combo, A crispy chicken mushroom & swiss with no sauce combo, & a blt crispy chicken with no sauce combo. We got this to go and they weren't to busy at the time. When we got home we had a angus mushroom & swiss combo so that was right but then we got another angus mushroom & swiss which was suppose to be chicken and she even wrote no chicken sauce, & then instead of the blt chicken they gave me the southwest chicken. I have so stomach problems and allergies so i couldn't eat it at all because the sauce was right into the chicken.

I enjoy the food here & don't like to complain but this wasn't the first time that something like this has happened. Also neither burger had anything on it like lettuce ketchup anything just completely plain.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Combo Meal.

Monetary Loss: $26.

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Any time you order take out, whether it is inside or at the drive through, check you order before leaving the site.


no reason to be so mean to her, you are being very rude, so_sad maybe if you had health problems you might be able to relate. yes through the drive yes always check but when inside it shouldnt be necessary.


It is not McDonalds fault that they have health problems.


No it's not there fault but it is there job to get the orders right, I am a cook & if there is something wrong with the persons order it's not there fault it is either the person who took the order or the person cooking it not the customers, they ordered what they want & should be able to get it


He was not being mean to her. He was simply giving her advice- check before you leave.

I don't see how that was rude. You must be overly-sensitive.

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