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Hi McDonald's - Customer Service improvement suggestion - GET RID OF YOUR TWO AT A TIME DRIVE THRU SERVICE LANES - JUST HAVE ONE!!! I have repeatedly been shortchanged and cut in front of in these two at a time drive thru lanes.

One customer comes in behind you in the other drive thru service lane and gets waited on first. The low income wage earners running these lanes don't care and if you complain they just look at you - no apologies. Our society continues to sink to lower levels - one woman just drove thru the other drive thru lane and did not place an order at the speaker window - she just placed her order at the pay counter - while I was ordering thru the correct speaker location. McDonalds need to get ahead of the lower levels of society and get rid of these two at a time drive thru lanes.

For now - I will visit Burger King - they don't have these ridiculous unfair lanes!! Wise Up!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Drive-through.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I have had no issues with mcdonalds with 2 lanes in the drive through


Yeah think it may be because they're making the cashier take orders aswell as payment where issues occure in that case it's a store issue as having a cashire will make more money on the d/t as will if u got a 2nd collection point window


I've never had any problems. More and more fastfood places are using 2 lane drive-thrus. They are here to stay.


No problems when I use them and get ahead of those taking awhile so I say keep the lanes