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Before I get to my point, I would like to share my experience on a couple of other McDonalds issues.

1. If the "reason" I was given regarding why McDonalds stopped offering caramel dipping sauce with their apples is actually true (Moms didn't want their kids eating that "stuff"). Which is really hard to believe if a well intended Mom is feeding her kids McDonalds food at all. Then why does McDonalds still offer it in an ice cream sundae?

Hmmmm. Follow me?

2. If and when (albeit extremely rare) I order French fries from McDonalds, I "special" order them with no salt.

Why? Three reasons. a. I like my food especially my fries fresh and HOT!! b. If I don't special order then I get fries I literally cannot eat because of all the SALT - it's ALOT!!!! c. Countless baskets of fries are cooked, dumped and Salted - then served. - HOWEVER - Not all those Fries will be served to anyone, anytime soon (depends Upon how busy they are). Soooooo, more baskets of Fries are fried, dumped on top of whatever remaining fries have been laying there and SALTED again and again. So how much SALT is actually building up on these things?

I'm no SALT hater but I've actually received fries that were so SALTY I had to just throw them away because I couldn't eat them. Literally could not eat them!!

So to get to my current and most important issue - McDonalds - in all their "sustainable environment health conscience wisdom" has now taken away MY choice to get a styrofoam cup. And trust me, old sustainable me takes these home, rinses them out and reuses them until they are literally beyond recognition and I have to finally recycle whatever is left of them.

If McDonalds wants to distribute those awful good for nothing plastic cups - then go for it BUT give me a choice. I will choose styrofoam every time and for many reasons.

GIVE ME CHOICE!! It's a very doable solution.

I have bought at least 2 large drinks every day for years but until and unless I have choice - as a consumer then Caio McDonalds!! I and my posse will take our business elsewhere!

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Drink.

Reason of review: No styrofoam cups.

Monetary Loss: $900.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

McDonalds Cons: Took away consumer choice of styrofoam cups.

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