North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
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I was in North Myrtle Beach South Carolina (822 hwy 17) with my daughter Cheer Camp and went to McDonalds because was hungry. I went through the drive thru and purchased a Big Mac Combo!

As I drove back on the phone with my mom I ate my Fries which was hot and good. When I got close back to camp I opened my big mac and it was half eaten with *** marks in it. I immediately turned around and went back. I asked for the manager and she first said was it too much tartar sauce.

I said no mam this was given to me already eaten as she saw. Not stating or apologizing she immediately ask me did I eat it. I couldn't believe she asked me that with no sympathy. Then she later stated someone must of returned it.

I said and not throw it in the trash. I'm 39 years old and never experienced nothing as nasty in my life.

I asked for my money back but to let you know I eat from McDonalds at least 3 times a week bc I travel but I will not eat from there again and maybe this needs to be heard further. I didn't get the satisfaction of I'm sorry and I think McDonalds is much bigger than this.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Manager.

Monetary Loss: $6.

  • Coshannya Wright
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First of all when you order take out, check the order before leaving the site. It would stand to reason that you would be questioned about if you had eaten it, being you left the site before speaking to the manager.

Why on earth would anybody eat at McDonald's three times a week, when there are other fast food places.

Also you aren't a very safe, driver, eating and talking on the phone, all while driving. Some example you are setting for your daughter, if you do this on a regular basis.


Hah to be honest it's probably for the best didn't you watch Supersize Me? And if you knew about what goes on in fast food restaurants you would be disgusted not even employees eat McDonald's food; if they do, they get sick of it and never eat it again.

America is fat and dying of heart disease and heart attacks, just look at that Sopranos guy James that just died. He was an amazing person and actor but food was his letdown, his daughter is only 2 I think. I kind of got off-topic but you can't deny eating McDonald's 3x a week is good at all. Especially if you normally order what you described.

If you can't be healthy for yourself, do it for your daughter, be a good role model and aside from a horrible accident you can make sure you're alive to be with your kid. My mom is 53 I'm 22 she refuses to quit smoking it's her only vice but I am so worried about her dying.