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I was getting off work about 10 last night. all i wanted was a grilled snack wrap, i sat and waited and no one took my order.

after i kept asking if anyone was there i was told, in a very rude voice, “go to the second window”. i sat and waited at the second window and as i was sitting there i saw many people leaving. i thought maybe they were closed. i saw a woman trying to lock the doors so i pulled up next to her to ask if they were still open very politely.

she then very rudely told me that she told me to wait at the second window and she would be there when she could get there. so i pulled back around the the second window and waited. she finally came back and opened the window very hard and said “what do you want”. i could tell she was very upset by her voice.

so i told her i just wanted the wrap and she slammed the window and stood there for a second as if she was going to ring it up. she came back to the window and told me “i’m not making that wrap i’m the only one here if you want something you have to choose something simple.” i was very shocked she had said that to me so rudely. so i said never mind and drove off. there was another mcdonald’s about a mile up the road so i went to that one.

i once again sat and waited at the speaker while no one took my order. so i pulled to the first window and i kept seeing people look at me and walk by as if i wasn’t sitting there waiting. the hours on the window said they closed at 11 and i still had at least 30 minutes until 11. i waited for a few more minutes and a young girl was putting away a mop and looked at me and rolled her eyes and signaled her hand going over her throat to tell me they were closed.

i said loudly, “you close at 11. it is not 11 yet.” and she said “no we are closing now.” and walked away. I’m VERY upset with this service. I was denied twice in a row.

Who does that??? I will be telling everyone to stay away from these locations and i will never be back.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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