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I went through the drive-thru and there was one car in front of me and yet I waited for at least three to five minutes for the lady to tell me to proceed with my order. I then ordered two McChickens plain but add cheese.

I got over half way to work and realized my sandwiches had mayo and lettuce on them. So I went back to the drive-thru this time there is two cars in line . I waited another five minutes for her to tell me to pull forward and when she came to the window I told her my sandwiches were supposed to be plain add cheese. it had to be at least 7 minutes later when she finally returned with my sandwiches and told me they gave me some complementary fries.

That's great and all if they would have been at least hot or warm. That was like a slap in my face even more like here here's your food and here's some cold fries. I know it's my fault because I should have checked my sandwiches before I left for the second time but I didn't I was in a hurry instead couple blocks down the road I went to go buy a new one of my sandwiches and yeah they were plain but they had no cheese.

And to top it all off when I try to call McDonald's on my way to work which I was late for. No one would answer the phone at McDonald's

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It is really a waste of time at the drive in for trying to fix an order. Have to walk in.