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I usually don't complain but this is excessive, I tried the Grand mac expecting a larger burger but what I got was a regular big mac patty on a larger bun, and I feel $ 8.29 is to much for what I got , no value ..doubt I will be back until prices are reasonable and the quality is up to standard.I am not sure if the preparer put the wrong patty on the larger bun but it was three more dollars for more bun , it actually would still look small on the mac jr. the store location is on alum creek and groveport rd.

where i have always gone and usually got good service. why do we have to write atleast 100 words to get a complaint submitted ?

is it because most people would not spen the time? Thank you for listening

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Grand Mac Burger.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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I agree 100%, this is the oldest scam. I boycotted them for 20+ years because they started putting little patties on the big mac in 80s... Just thought I would try them out tonight, same ole SCAM.


Grand Mac is Grand Ripoff. Patties are the same size but the bun is bigger and they put more dressing on it.


Not impressed with the Grand Mac! Same sandwich just with a larger bun and more special sauce!!

My dog wasn't even impressed with my trash scraps!! IMG_5343.JPG


I purchased the grand Mac and found bun very dry along with the hamburger patties themselves. The only moisture to the sandwich was an excessive amount of special sauce.

I was extremely disappointed in the quality and flavor. Will not buy another one.


8.29? jesus. I hope that came with a coke and fries.


I suspect the problem is a local employee who didn't care.


I disagree. Im in nashville and returned it becasue i thought it was made wrong.

Nope. Small patties for much more.


Just tried the Grand Mac at Central Ave. in Delaware and was impressed.

Patties are larger in addition to the bun. Manager called it a "Big Mac Deluxe".

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